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Dr Masaud Jahromi is abducted!

Dr Masaud Jahromi is the chairman of Telecommunications Engineering department at the Ahlia University of Bahrain:


He was abducted on Thursday (14-4-2011, 2:30 am) in a very frightening manner.

Masaud is a peaceful and neutral scientist with no political interest. He spent most of his time in the university where he taught various courses and carried out research. He spent the rest of his time with his family.

Dr. Jahromi who is an academic, always had the thirst for knowledge and acquiring higher stages of education. In 1996, he gained his Masters in Control and Information Technology from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) in UK. He then carried on his route to becoming an academic elite, by completing his PhD research on “ATM-based independent service” at the Electronic Engineering department of the University of Kent in Canterbury (United Kingdom). Throughout his academic life, has written several scientific papers and supervised many Master and PHD projects.

Masaud has been a true role model for his family members and students; labelling him as a kind, sympathetic and polite character. Within Masaud’s seven years of teaching and research at Ahlia University, he has been known as an inspiring instructor for his students, as he was not only a teacher but a friend for them. He spent his free time doing activities in particular playing football with his students.

After his arrest his students have created a facebook page (Free dr.Masaud Jahromi) in his support, demanding his immediate release:


His wife and eight year old son, Mahdi who is studying in grade 2 are missing him greatly and await any news from him anxiously. Mahdi is still traumatized by the scenes of his father being beaten and dragged away in front of his eyes!


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