A letter from a colleague

My dear colleague Abu Mahdi……. The power , hope and victory yours no doubt . I am assured that you are stronger than this situation and its toughness because you graduated from the school of Mohammed (pbhhf), Ali , Fatima , Hassan and Hussain (pbut). As if I am seeing you smiling and saying Oh God I have seen nothing just beauty…. let me enjoy your acceptance. …Oh God strengthen my patience no doubt that there is no God ,but you Allah , you are the help for those seeking it. I congratulate you this examination which brings you victory, brightness and dignity and no doubt that receiving such high ranking position will not be possible without such sacrifice.
By God I am sure that you deserve such high ranking, but your absence within the group is vital and seeing your wife’s tears and looking at your little son in addition to the crying of your family is killing us. Therefore we seek your return safe to your family from the almighty that has all the power.


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